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We've never seen anything in our YN bags, but I'll be sure to double check the next bag!

One of our hedgies would attempt eating it, but he couldn't get very far due to the coating on each of the pieces and lost interest very quickly.

Nancy said:
One of the problems with Carefresh is it ends up in food dishes easier than Yesterdays News. People use Carefresh as bedding and if it gets in the dish, the animal can eat it by mistake. Rarely do people use YN as a bedding because it is really not an ideal bedding as it is hard to walk on and not comfortable to sleep on. Because of this, there isn't as much risk of the hedgehog accidentally eating it so unless they do on purpose it isn't as much of a problem.
That's a great observation! I also think the coating on it would make it difficult for it to soak up as much water as Carefresh. I've never noticed any of the pieces expand after being wet.. but then again, I never really grabbed a ruler to measure.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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