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She's an African pygmy hedgehog just like all pet hogs, her "multi coloured" quills is normal Solid white spots indicate she has the pinto pattern.

She is hissing because it's their natural defense and the heavy breathing is from her hissing and is normal her hissing does not mean she was in a bad home that's just how hedgehogs are they hiss click and growl.

No that food is not good for her and you need to switch commercial hedgehog foods are actually bad for them go read the "Diet and nutrition" sticky or just look at the "Recommend food list", hedgehogs need a high quality cat food.

Toys are the same for adults as babies so you can give her a toilet paper tube or a dig box a wheel an some hogs like the little cat balls you can read more about it in other forum topics.

I would say no on the water bowl for her to "play" in she will just drink it or go to the bathroom in it, she wouldn't drown as most people use water bowls for hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs don't "claim" their owners and shouldn't be biting you at all.

You should read the other forum topics so you can learn correct information about hedgehogs most of you're questions have been answered in other threads and they can give you more information.
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