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weird anxiety...

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I just got my hedgie yesterday morning. She's been so good, not really afraid at all and very friendly. She escaped her cage twice last night, and I ended up staying awake all night :| My room's very warm and I had the lights on for her from 7 till 8:30 but I still feel like she's going to try to hibernate. I think I'm just being paranoid, but it's really stressing me out. I'm afraid I'm going to do something wrong and end up hurting/killing her. I've had that whole weird anxiety stomach knot all day and I really just want to cry. What the heck?! Why am I being so weird right now? Has this happened to anyone else? Sorry for the random rant, I just don't like feeling this way :(
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Lack of sleep can also ramp up the emotions and stress. I've heard other people suggest keeping a hedgie in the bathtub JUST until the cage issue can be corrected. Is this a possibility for you? Lots of blankets, perhaps a heated snuggle safe disk as backup warmth, just so you can have her in a place she can't escape from until you can solve her escaping habit? Hang in there, you are trying and that is important.
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