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So Quigley is eating a lot. And he has also gained weight.

My guess for his age is that he is a little over 3 years old. (I've had him for just over a year) I guess this would be middle age or a bit older but I can't help thinking of him as an old man. I assume his metabolism is slowing down.

Before he started eating more he was only eating a bit more than a tblsp every night so there was always food left in his bowl and he would eat a bit less on the nights he got treats. In the last week and a bit he's been eating his entire bowl of 1 1/2 tblsp of food mix as well as his treats (3 meal worms at a time , 2 - 3 crickets at a time every couple of nights, dehydrated beef once a month or so) He doesn't have a choice of all three but sometimes get mealies and crickets together. I try offering fruits and veggies but he ignores them.

He eats Wellness Healthy Weight and Performatrim Lamb (this has 18% fat which is still less than the food he was on before but I'm planning on changing it out gradually)

Since I noticed that this eating more thing becoming a trend I started weighing him. He weighs 515g now. At his last vet visit on Dec. 11th he was 455g. So he's gained about 60 g.

Does this sound like normal weight fluctuation? How much does weight normally change as they get older? Should I make dietary changes? I'm already planning to switch to something lower in fat or add a third low fat food and lower the amount of performatrim. But should I increase the amount of food I offer. His bowl is now empty in the morning. If I give him more he eats that too. Why is he so hungry all of a sudden?
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