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Brought my three gremlins with me when I went 'camping.' well I went camping-they slept in a house in their cages with electricity, I slept in a field in a leaky tent... priorities.

There was actually building work going on in my home, and I was going away on this camping weekend with some friends, and I refused to leave my hedgehogs at home, due to one of their cages getting broken the last time there were builders in my house (thank god he was with me that day and not in his cage!)
ANYWAY here is the results!
Pindsvin was adorable as always, and Cindaquil chose to romp around the long grass like a tiny jungle adventurer, with the aptly named Ditto in tow close behind.

Pindsvin also befriended a neighbours donkey-Lucy, who he then tried to nom on...:roll:
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