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Water Bowl Advice?

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Due to the overwhelming thoughts on bottles vs. bowls, I am trying to get Winston to drink from a bowl. I was watching him last night, and he went up to the bowl, had a lick or two, then drank out of the bottle. Before I went to bed I marked the water level on the bottle and it looks like he was drinking out of that instead of the bowl.

All of the threads I found in searching indicated people having a "no issues" switch to the bowl, so I am wondering if I should just take the bottle out? If I do and he doesn't like the bowl how long do I wait to put the bottle back in? It seems like when given both options the bottle is the one he chooses, so should I just not give him an option?
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I personally prefer bottle most cause its much easier to clean, I tried switching Sonic to a bowl, he used it mainly as his bathroom lol, every day it would have poop floating around so I got him a bottle, and it shows he likes the bottle better, he never drank from the bowl in the first place. I guess what they prefer is up to them, its all up to the hedgehog I guess.
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