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Hello friends,

My somewhat shy Mr. Piquete has been acting "artsy" these days, and it stopped after I changed the litter setup.

The little guy, when urged to poop, would lift its tail and lean against a wall to leave a stinky bit on the wall of the tank, 2 inches up from the floor.

This happened for around 3 days while I experimented with litter setups: different base sizes, wood shavings vs paper towels, etc. During that time, the litter space got around 70% of the droppings, but the rest was all over the place, a real chore to pick up, specially on the liner.

Now there's been 2 days of total success with just a nice ("luxurious", says the packaging) paper napkin extended below the wheel and covering around 6 inches in front of the wheel too. The hedgie sometimes shreds the paper, and fools around with it, but now it never misses the spot. Every morning I change the napkin and every week I change and wash the liner. Sounds about perfect. Enjoying clean walls and liner!

I'm thinking about placing something inside or below the napkin to keep the pee from reaching the liner, but that's kind of what Piquete was "complaining" about, I guess. I'll try and report back.

Have you experienced that weird wall protesting behavior?


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My little Vander use to do the same thing!
He would always poop on the far back wall of his cage (I think he just liked seeing me crawl in to clean it :lol: ) Then I took his wheel off the base and attached it to the cage and put a plastic tray lined with paper towels under it, Now he only goes potty on or in front of his wheel (which is in the front of the cage and much easier to get to).

Silly little Hedgies! :roll:
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