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Does she have something caught in the roof of her mouth?

Hold her and put both thumbs at the sides of her jaws. Gently wiggle your thumbs into the little space between her teeth. Some of them will open their mouths giving you a chance to look. Of course others clamp their mouths even tighter.

You can also take the tip of a q-tip with most of the fuzz removed, the tip of a small syringe, or a popsicle stick and gently put it between her teeth at one side of her mouth. She should open her mouth and you will get a fleeting glance at the roof of her mouth. Make sure you are working with lots of light because you don't usually get long to look.

If you see any kibble, use the q-tip or tip of the syringe and gently put it in from the very back corner of her mouth and gently sweep slightly up and forward. Be very careful so you do not push it back further.

Before doing all this, talk to her calmly and tell her you are going to try and help her and tell her what you will be doing. I'm a great believer in letting them know what is going on even if they don't understand... sometimes I think they do.

From your description it sounds to me like something is in the roof of her mouth. If not and the vomiting continues, she needs to see a vet.
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