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Vitamin/Mineral Supplementing

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My husband was wondering if it was a good/bad idea to give hedgies vitamin/mineral supplements. He's going on the whole basis of that's-what-you-do-with-chinchillas, not that chinnies are the same, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I thought I read on a forum (I read about 938234098234 of them a day :roll: ) a topic about sprinkling... calcium?.... on their food, but that it was a bad idea. Is there any sort of supplement that's ok to give them? Or is veggies/fruits/chickens/kibble enough for them?

*Edit: I hunted around a few other forums and found that Glucosomine Controitant can be used for elder hedgies (3 and over). Is this a good idea?
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My hedgies won't eat the Grape Nuts, either.
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