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My Billa has very very very tattered and dry ears (on one side half his ear is almost gone with a hole in it, poor guy). He was like this when he came to me and I am trying to get them back to what ears should look like, even if they do not fully heal I would at least like them to be clean and free of crusties.
I searched on this forum and read that Vitamin E oil could help and to rub it in on his ears. Well Billa is a squirmy little explorer and doesn't like it when I hold him for extended periods of time. Last night when I was rubbing his ears he moved his head quickly and I am worried that I got Vitamin E oil in his eye. His eye seems to be open and doesn't look damaged but the overall experience did frighten him a bit (when I placed him back in his cage he ran and hid behind his wheel and huffed for about 10 minutes, I left him alone, got him a treat of banana and green peper and slowly moved him infront of his treat to know that Mummy is sorry that she scared him).
Overall Billa doesnt seem to be used to hygene care. He is fussy with nail clipping (but I expected that as mostly all hedgies feel the same way from what I have read here), He has never had a bath beyond a foot bath on a damp towel and generally doesn't want to be touched. I have no clue when he was last vacinated for mites before he came to me (I did give him a dose of revolution and a vet check the day after I got him) I am sure part of this has to do with him not knowing me yet but I feel so darn bad for the little fella.
Anywho, My question is if the Vitamin E oil, if it did get in his eye (I am a concerned mum) what kind of damage could it do? Should I flush his eye with ater or will that just frighten him more?
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