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You can buy freeze dried crickets and meal worms for your hedgehog. I do various insects only. I do not feed commercial hedgehog food because my hedgehog has heart disease (like so many other hedgehogs in America) and I attribute it to being fed high protein cat food made up of chicken and larger animals that a hedgehog would NEVER eat. Insects do not produce cholesterol like other animals do so the hedgehog's body is not used to processing it and just like humans that can cause heart disease. Anyway - I always do feel bad about the insects too because I love all beings, BUT we made these animals captive (hedgehogs and such) and therefore we have an obligation to give them the best care. I spoke with FarmSanctuary about my cats because vegan food wasn't working for them and they said they do not believe cats should eat vegan food. Dogs are a different story - they can thrive on a vegan diet but cats truly are carnivores. I feel the same way about hedgehogs - they are TRUE insectivores and should not be fed a vegan diet. I used to break up vegan dog kibble and mix it into my hedgehogs insects because I felt bad taking her totally off of the cat kibble she grew up on in her first home before I rescued her, but I now just feed insects. I just make sure and give her a variety. I hope this helps.
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