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I’m looking for a bit of advice/ reassurance about my senior Hedgepig Timmy. He’s never had a problem before at all, and he’s a cracking 5 years of age! But just short of two weeks ago he got an upset tummy and I’m not entirely sure what to do.

He’s been on a bit of a whirlwind with this, so apologies if it’s a long one!

One day, seemingly out of the blue, he got an upset tummy. He was having typical stress poops, green mushy/ gooey poops. He was eating and drinking still though and was very much his chipper self. I panicked for about 2 days, but read that a bit of pumpkin would settle his tummy. I fed pumpkin baby food ( which he did not like in the slightest ) for two days and his poops went back to normal colour but were still soft and mushy.

After these two days, he had lost a lot of weight. On day three I counted out his biscuits, and gave some soaked ones, and noticed he’s not eaten any of it. I rushed to the store, got him some wax worms which he was very hungry for however he really struggled to eat them as if he had no teeth or a blockage in his mouth? He also had started pooping in his house which he never does, and stopped running in his wheel.

I took him to an exotic vet as soon as I could. He was still very chipper, still trying to eat the worms ( but had to be force fed mushed up biscuits and pumpkin ) still drinking, just struggling with getting the food in. The vet however, prefaced the appointment saying she had never seen a hedgehog before which was super annoying but hey ho. She offered pain medication to see if he had dental pain as we saw he was missing at least a front tooth. She mentioned her “friend” ( I have done some Googling and think it’s actually an expensive, not great reviewed specialist vet) has dealt with hedgehogs before and she would refer us to him. As I understand it, if the pain meds worked we could narrow it down to him needing his teeth looked at by specialist “friend”. If he got worse, he’d need further diagnoses by specialist “friend” still.

I gave Timmy the medication that night, and he threw it all up. Ate a minuscule amount that evening too, it wasn’t looking good. The next day however, he came out of his house on his own accord, ate loads of mushed up chicken in small but frequent trips, and drank lots too!! It was way past the 12h duration of the pain meds so he can’t have had any/ much dental pain. He was eating the worms a lot more successfully but still having trouble with the bigger ones.

Over the following couple of days, he made massive improvements. I stopped with the pain meds after he threw up the first lot, as the vet warned it would make the runny poops worse, and he didn’t seem to need it? He was eating plenty of chicken and worms, and drinking lots. I didn’t bother calling the vet we saw back as he was making great progress. The poops were still sloppy and in his bed but had something to them.

The past two nights, he’s started to mostly eat wax worms, and a little chicken, and his poops have gotten worse. It seems to be water with just a touch of slimey poop in it. As he does it in his bed, he’s just lying in it and so now he’s got a very sore and bleeding tail. Still eating, drinking loooaaads, still chipper, but the poops are mostly soft mush for the first two, then water with a touch of goopy sludge for the rest. The green is coming back a bit too!

For his tail, I’m keeping it clean with gentle baby wipes / baths and sudocreme. I’m going to start changing his bedding twice a day so that he’s not sitting in his wet.

For his tummy, I’m going to just give chicken for the next couple of days as I’m wondering if the wax worms are too rich and are making his poops worse? I’ve got some probiotic too that another forum recommended to put in his drinking water. He’s had that the past 3 days but doubt it’s making any difference at the moment.

Has anyone got any more ideas about what could be causing this? I am definitely going to call back the not so exotic vet on Tuesday (asap) and ask to be sent to her friend, but if it is the place I think it is, it’s got a couple of questionable reviews, and it’s like the sort of place you take your dog for a hip replacement so not entirely sure they’ll know what they’re doing with Timmy.

Any advice would be greatly received! I’m so conflicted, he seems to have a very high quality of life! But I hate to think of him in pain that he’s not showing.
Thank you!
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