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Update on sweety (name pending)

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I got to check it over with my girlfriend because it's her pet but, I'd like to call her sweety only because thats what I say to her while I give her meds.

So, night 1 on the meds no blood and yesterday only a little blood about the size of a penny just after giving her the first dose. She's still a little congested this morning still sneezing and sneezing up snot. She's only on her 3rd dose though. Like I stated before though the vet wasn't too concerned about her congestion as she wasn't weezing when breathing or any other really bad signs.

She's seems to be doing good. She's a little bugger when I am trying to give her the meds though haha. At first she's all balled up for all of about 5 seconds then she starts flailing her little arms and legs like crazy. So, I gotta hold her with one hand and coax her to open her mouth too let me put the meds in. Once she gets the first squirt in it's pretty easy because she appears to love the stuff.
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That's great news. My vet tells me to usually not expect a noticeable change until about day 4 of the meds.

I do disagree with your vet about not being worried about her congestion. If she's blowing up snot, she has a respiratory infection and needed to be treated. Would he not have treated her if not for the blood?
I can tell you that an xray is probably going to be a waste of time. Xrays are not conclusive as they can show up normal and there still be a problem. Our Emma had xrays yet less than two weeks later what appeared to be a 2cm tumour was removed with her uterus. The tumour turned out to be endometriosis but it still didn't show up. Kenya passed what looked like pure blood and it was urinary. She was x-ray'd and things looked normal yet she passed stones.

I'd go for having a needle inserted in her bladder and urine drawn off and checked.
By any chance is she building a nest?

Keep giving her the antibiotics for the length of time you are supposed to. Stopping them early can make the infection come back even worse.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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