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Well, just an update on Nara. She is a 3.5 year old and was experiencing bleeding--I had her in the next day after I noticed.

I couldn't get her in for surgery until March 20, but the vet said if the bleeding got worse they would try to get her in.
She was on Claxamox and Metcam and by the 3rd day, the bleeding had stopped. The results of the blood tests were that the white cell count was low--infection and the red blood was a little low from the bleeding.
As the time went by, she got to be even more stubborn and feisty. The night before surgery she was mad at me because I wouldn't let her walk on the arm of the couch, right along the edge.

She had her surgery, they removed all the female parts and used what they called a "healing laser" on the incision--she was glued!
For once she was so GLAD to see me. The night she was just laying on me, almost whimpering and I just petted her and tried to calm and relax her.
She is eating and drinking and almost back to her normal self, but she seems to like me a little better now. :grin:
The removed tissue was sent out for pathology, we haven't gotten the results back yet.
I was surprised that the surgery ended up being cheaper then the xrays and bloodwork.
I don't have the bill right here now, but I can post later if anyone is interested.

Thank you to all who encouraged me and for your kind thoughts.
She will be glad to get her wheel back!


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That's wonderful news. I'm glad she is doing well. Perhaps she likes you better now because she feels better. Who knows what goes through their heads. :lol:
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