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So, it's seeming more apparent that it is most likely some sort of inner ear problem causing all of these balance problems.

She's obviously tilted to the right and had started walking in a tighter circle to the right after the tresaderm drops. Since starting the antibiotics this has improved some. She's still tilted, but is getting along better. When she wants to, she runs quick through the living room until she falls over or I catch her..

She still isn't able to stand up long enough on her own to eat or drink. If I sit her up and let her get her balance first, she can eat on her own for a bit, but more times than not ends up falling over. So she's still being syringe fed and we're administering 5-10mgs of sub-cu fluids once a day.

She's pooping and peeing and being adventurous, just put out with not being able to stand up.

So, roughly, our daily routine is feeding/cleaning/fluids (if she needs them)/meds around 5:30-6:00 a.m, feeding around 10-11:00, feeding around 1:00, feeding around 4:00, feeding closer to 7-8:00 pm/meds/fluids if she needs them, and another feeding between 11:00 and 12:00 pm.

She doesn't always eat as much with the closer feedings, but she's at least drinking some water.

I have been giving her around 2-3 drops of echinacea for her immune system and crushing up l-lysine for her upper respiratory stuff (not sure that it'll work with her like cats, but didn't think it would hurt). I researched and researched and couldn't find any information warning against either of these supplements--any experience? I know that they're fine to give along with her meds since they're only supplements.
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