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Uh... Allergic?

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So I've had my hedgie Tiggy for almost a year now. It's a lot of work, especially for a low-maintenence dog person, but I've been trying to be the best hedgie owner I could be.

But recently, as in the past 2 months, I've noticed that when I handle Tiggy, I break out in hives. The hives are only on my forearm, and only in one or two spots. And they itch!
Usually just washing the area and putting hydrocortizone cream on it makes the hives go away, but this now happens every time I hold her.

Is it normal for people to have this? I mean, whoever heard of a hedgehog allergy? And if i was allergic, why didn't it show up ... oh I don't know... how about when I first got her??

It's been cold, and her skin has been extra dry (wet hedgie and vitamin e oil have a unique smell) so maybe... it's the dandruff-y stuff that makes me itch?

Any advice would be great. I really hope I don't have to give her back, I have become attached.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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