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Two Sweet Little Hogs and One Happy Mom

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I have been reading and learning and gradually implementing pointers that I have learned here at HHC. My two new male and female hedgehogs who have been with me for about 5 weeks are housed in seperate identical cage setups with CWS wheels, igloos, good quality water bottles and are now eating a good mix of cat foods. They were together for awhile so we are waiting 55 days for NO BABIES.

They have gone to the vet for first application of Revolution for mites and we will be switching to fleece liners soon. I have gotten into a good routine with them and have gotten used to cleaning the wheels, giving foot baths, and they have had one full bath so far.

I have read up on temperature and will be getting a remote sensing thermometor and have snuggle safes ready for winter daytimes when I am at work and will be getting a radiator for the winter nights.

I just wanted to also let everyone know that Tanya the female and Lenni the male have turned out to be well socialized. They were never very afraid of me but just last night they let me hold them each for about a half hour without trying to get away or pooping on me or their little towels.

They let me stroke their quills and even rub the sides of their faces and under their chins. I was in heaven. They are (as so many of you already know) the sweetest little things. I sat entranced watching their little noses wiggle and sniff. I petted their ears, checked their feet, bellies etc. I put them back while the experience was still positive.

I had planned to just get one hedgehog but took both and that was the best decision I ever made. I liked them both and could not decide and I am so happy that I did not leave either one behind. I will post pictures very soon.
Thank you all for being here for new hedgehog owners. :)
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