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Two Questions

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Recently I have changed a couple of things in Ivan's cage. Just to give you all an idea of what his cage is, this is it:
http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.j ... v_smallpet

Ivan was previously using a Silent Spinner wheel but I just switched him over to a Comfort Wheel. However, the past two nights I have woken up to find the wheel separated from the wheel base. I have the wheel attached to the base as firmly as it will go, but somehow, my little guy is managing to pop the wheel off. I tried attaching the wheel to the side of the cage but with Ivan's weight in it, the wheel bangs loudly against the side of the cage. I wouldn't really care about this accept that I live with two roommates whom I really don't want to deprive of sleep. Any suggestions? Should I try yet another wheel?

Also, I just bought Ivan a full heating system... which does next to nothing. I'm using the recommended set up (150w ceramic heat emitter, digital thermometer, thermostat, ect.) but it seems to be giving off no heat at all. I have the thermostat set to 75 degrees but the heat emitter gives of minimal heat. I have to hold my hand an inch away from the lamp to feel any warmth at all so I know that it's not reaching Ivan, since I have the lamp on the top of his cage. Could this be a defective lamp or am I doing something wrong?
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but if it still feels cold when ya are an inch away i would try to exchange it.
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