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Two hedgies.. what colors are they?

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The story how I got them is WAY too long.. So you can find it.. http://www.chins-n-quills.com/forums/sh ... ost1420477

Here is the girl

Here is the boy

And one of his face..

SOOOO What color are they?!
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I have reported them several times.. :roll: Nothing has been done.

As for her color I was thinking some kind of snowflake too. For his color I was thinking a chocolate.. BUT I am terrible with color!
Long story short about them.. I have been trying to get them shut down for over a year. I have been asked serveral times to leave the store for causing a scene and not come back. Everytime I go, I have to wait a while from the last time before so they have new people that dont know me in there. Then I cause a whole new scene.. This last time, while I was waiting for them to box up the hedgies everyone in the area came up to me and was talking to me about the hedgies and I happened to mention I was only taking them in because they were in SUCH bad shape and that I , was sure the hedgehogs were not the only ones that bad. They all put the animals(dogs, rabbits, turtles) back made a face and left the store.
Andy_Leigh said:
:lol: that's great :D :D its sad that the place is like that, but the way you handled it is much better than hitting someone :p
Boy did I want to! These hedgies are so sweet and I cant understand how they can be treated this way!
Ive taken picture of what it looks like in there. I get them by lying to them! LOL

"Oh my mom wants to see what the hedgie looks like before I get one can I take a picture?" That normally gets them. Then I give them the drama of everything they are doing wrong.. By then I already have pictures So when they ask me to leave I have evidence.. :lol:

ETA: Its 1:35 here..

ETA: x2 AM
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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