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Turbo & his wheel

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Just a question, i'm a liittle confused.

Turbo was on his wheel every night since we've had him, making an absolute mess of it like most of your hedgies do. But about 2 weeks ago his wheel looks as though it hasnt been touched since as there is no mess on it. He is in a different room of the house to where we sleep so i can't hear him on it ever and there is no mess on it whatsoever in the mornings, although there are poos in a corner of the cage every morning, my question is could he be pooing in his corner then getting on his wheel? i.e not therefore doing any mess on his wheel? Is that possible, because from what i've read a hedgie cant help doing his business on the wheel when in action? It just seems strange he has all of a sudden stopped going on it when he loved it before. :? I don't like to think he's not getting the exercise he needs for whatever reason?
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Yes his nails do grow ridiculously fast, i have to cut them every week :)
No he definately doesnt have any overly long nails or sores on his feet or a poorly leg or anything, i check him every morning to make sure he hasnt hurt himself in the night.

But thats a good idea, i have put treats on there and they're gone but obviously this is no proof hes using the wheel. The wheel is just so clean, compared to before. Im not complaining if he is choosing to potty before the wheel :lol: i just want to make sure he is using it. I will try the flour idea thank you hedgielover :)
I dont think there is a draft, he is in spare room with the windows shut constantly and he gets 12 hours of daylight still, I mean he is definately getting up in the night and turning his cage upside down as usual so i dont think its that hes not getting up he's eating normally etc aswel.

Also his room is at a constant temperature of 25 deg celsuis as he has his own little heater in his room, which costs a fortune to run but its worth it because his room is always toasty warm for him :) so i doubt its to dow ith the heat.

Im buying soe flour today so will do hedgielovers test tonight and see if it works :)

Thanks for the replies though. All very helpful.
Well strangely enough this morning i woke up to find Turbos wheel in a right state, so he went on it last night for sure. I have not done anything different though to make this happen so very strange although i am glad. There were less poops in his poop corner than usual though so maybe he has been going on it and not pooping. Im very happy anyway :D
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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