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Hi everyone,

I have a 3.5 year old prickle baby and I was playing with him today and noticed that above his left eye on his head, he has a rather large lump about the size of a pea. It's hidden beneath his quills and I only noticed it when he squished his head out of my overall pocket because it protruded a bit. It's right next to where he has no quills in the center of his head, but this lump is missing a few quills. There is also a quill toward the front of his head that is kind of curved and weird looking. The bump itself is pretty solid when I poked it. He fought me when I tried to touch it so I am not sure if he is in pain.

He has been fine as far as energy and eating goes. He's been eating and drinking quite a bit actually but I assumed it is because of the warmer weather. A few weeks ago I noticed a small bout of blood on his litter box paper towel but found no cause of worry in his behavior and the blood only happened once, possibly a broken nail?

Now though, he has been pooping outside of his normal pooping spot and leaving quite a mess around his cage. His recent poops that were still fresh were more sticky than normal when I tried to clean it up.

I plan on taking him to the vet but could this be a tumor from your experiences? I'm concerned that if the vet wants to do tests that I won't be able to afford anything extravagant. Please weigh in.
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