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I've had my Hedgehog, Tucker, for almost a year. He's been very healthy and never shown any signs of sickness or issues. He's very cooperative when we have to trim his toenail, he's just a very good boy.

Anyways, yesterday when I got him out of his cage for play time I noticed blood on his paws!! I thought he might have broken a nail somehow, but I checked him out and both his feet were fine of any cuts or scratches. So as I continued looking him over, I noticed he had a scab on his little nubby tail! I cleaned it up, and sure enough, there were TWO scabs! I checked around the room, and I noticed he was in a draft, so I moved him and thought he might have poked himself with his quills trying to curl up tighter, but you would think he wouldn't do that enought to make scabs right?

Anyways, I just wanted to know if anyone had any other ideas to how he may have gotten his scabs, or if there was any type of Antibiotic ointment or any type of cream that is hedgie friendly that I could put on him to speed the healing process.

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