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Hi, I go by Cain and my hedgehogs name is Dalton Jr. I've had him for little over a week now.
We had a rough start, I made a cage for him during work but it wasn't done in time so he had to live in a small container for a little less than a day. In that day, he managed to escape and jump of the bathroom sink and get his foot trapped as he hung upside down I can say that it was very traumatizing for the both of us me. He's my first pet ever and it's not your standard household pet.
I feed him cat food and I use meal worms for treats.
I'm stuck because he refuses to be held and all he wants to do is sleep. I know they're nocturnal but he doesn't use the wheel in his cage. He doesn't play with any toys and only stays in one part of the cage. I'll let him out and then he'll hide somewhere and sleep. I've tried to monitor what time he wakes up but it doesn't seem like he has a specific time. It's really concerning because the only time he'll move is when he runs away from me to hide somewhere in my room. He's not afraid of me. I see everywhere that they're active creatures but the most I've seen him run is when he tries to go under my bed to sleep when I'm not looking. I'll hold him for a bit and he wants to just run out of my hand half the time.
I'm really scared for his health and I'm debating to relinquish ownership. I want to be a good pet owner but I don't know what to do. I'd rather him be with an experienced owner with his temperament. I don't want him getting sick because I don't know how to take care of him.
I've given him pom poms, a little carrot mouse toy, paper towel rolls, 2 tunnels. He doesn't use any of it. I keep his cage near my bed to monitor him. I'm truly stuck.
To piggyback off the first 24 hours I had him, I thought he hated me after it all happened but I guess it made him trust me more because I saved him. His foot is fine. Though it bothered him for that day.

I want advice on how to get him to be active. It seems like having it organically happen is impossible. What other toys should I try?
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