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Ok. So I know that you can teach rats and chinchillas tricks but can you teach hedgies tricks? If so, like what kind of tricks can they learn and how would you teach them it? If not, do they at least have the smarts that chins and rats have? :) :)
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I think hedgehogs are very much like cats in that they can do tricks, they just don't want to. I think they more enjoy teaching us humans to do tricks such as, go fetch me a mealworm, and another, and another, and another.... Put my cage back EXACTLY how I want it or I will trash it for you! Poop in the food dish... Have you not figured out yet that a) that food is not to my liking and b) there are no mealies in that food. The list goes on... :lol:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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