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I'll provide a little background on my hedgie, because I need some reassurance that everything is okay. He has not been running on his wheel, his beloved wheel, for almost two months.

About a 6 weeks ago, my hedgie (his name is Brann, as in Stark, Winter is Coming) stopped running. We noticed that he seemingly refused to run, and that went on for a about two weeks. We tried adjusting the wheel, moving the wheel into his regular cage as he has a double sterelite container set up with PVC pipe connection, nothing would make him start running again.

3 weeks later, I noticed that his skin was flaking everywhere, because I use fleece to line his cage. This made me nervous, but I just thought that maybe his skin was dry because the seasons were changing, so I gave him an oatmeal bath and went about our usual routine. A week after that (two weeks ago from today) I noticed that his dandruff was still very bad, so I took him out and looked at his skin. Under a flashlight I could blatantly see bugs crawling on him, which confirmed my fear that he had mites. The next day I took him to the vet and he was prescribed Revolution.

I gave him the small dose of Revolution prescribed, scrubbed the cages out, and sterilized all of the fleece in the washing machine (there is a sanitize cycle). We are now two weeks into treatment, and although I do not see any more bugs, he is still scratching and flaking. It's not as intense as it was, but I am also changing the fleece every one or two days. I have not seen any bugs since then, but I'm just nervous that the first dose didn't work. Does anyone have an ET on how long it generally takes for the dandruff and scratching to stop? I feel like this is why he still won't run. I would imagine he is uncomfortable, but not running is really starting to scare me. He used to run EVERY night from lights out until the sun came up. He is still eating, drinking, and the wheel is definitely not too small for him (He has a CSBW, and he is only a 4.8 kg hedgie @ 2 and a half years old), I'm just not sure what else to do for him. I just want my baby to be okay.

Any insight is greatly appreciated! I do have more doses of Revolution to give him (4 months worth, and then some unopened blisters to draw up my own doses in a dropper) next one is due on 12/2/15. The vet said she felt comfortable giving me the insulin syringes to measure up to doses in since I am an RN, so I have plenty of medicine and the means to just drop it on his skin. I applied the first dose to the nape of his neck because I didn't want him to eat it or lick it, or accidentally get it in his mouth if he anointed. Is there a better place for me to put it on him for the next dose?
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