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Immortalia said:
Ya, canadian tire has them, just did a search on their website.
Single pair for $1.49, and 10pack for $9.99. They last for 6 hours.

I've looked for snuggle safe discs in the pet stores around, as well as searching the petshop websites and have yet to find them. But since it's just one trip, it'd be easiest to find handwarmers. Just stick them in socks, or have something to wrap around them, so your hedgie doesn't get burned, as they can get pretty hot.
CTC must have changed what they sell since I last looked. Their hand warmers used to be around $4 which was crazy since Walmart had them for less than half that. A 10 pack for $9.99 is a great deal.

The only place I ever found Snuggle Safes was Petsmart and they are inconsistent of when they have them. I'd check often. At the store here they are over with folding dog crates and the mats that go inside them.

You can also ask at vet offices. They use them and might be able to order you one.
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