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Kalandra said:
My standard for fruit and vegetables is about a teaspoon a night. I'd stay away from anything too acidic (in case it might upset ones tummy) or anything sticky (it gets stuck in their teeth). Roses favorites (in order) watermelon, cantelope, apples, banana, pears, applesauce ... You might try some sweet peas to see if yours will eat them. They fall somewhere in the cantelope/apple range for Rose (nothing tops watermelon).

Even Poptart, who wouldn't touch anything but a bug or kibble, finally caved when offered watermelon.
Oooo, thanks for the idea!! I'll have to try some watermelon!

Eva's not really into the fruit &/or veggies thing yet... She ate like an eighth of a raspberry earlier today, but so far the only treat I've tried that she actually seems to like are mealworms. Of course, the first time I tried to give her one of those even, she was like "what on earth is this?" and acted completely uninterested - now she LOVES them.

I have some apricot (+mixed fruits) baby food in the fridge too. (No, I don't have children... I'm weird, I know, but I like the taste.) I wonder if she'd like that...

(Edit: she did seem to like the apricot baby food... didn't eat much, but definitely showed interest. :) ...annnd now I'm so going to eat the rest. :D )
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