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Too hard for little teeth?

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Hi there! I've just aquired a male salt-and-pepper named Basil and I went and bought some high quality light cat food for him because he was eating what looked like kitty litter. I've given him a few kibbles as treats, and it seems the kibble is work to chew.

In my pre-hedgehog research, I've leared that many hedgies have teeth problems in my mind perhaps due to hard cat food. Should I moisten the kibble before he eats it as to prevent tooth damage?
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Free2Dream said:
In my experience (and I'm by no means an expert, lol), a lot of hedgies don't like moistened cat food. You can try it, but my two eat more when their kibble is dry. Perhaps the dry kibble helps strengthen their teeth and gums.
I have the same experience with Quigley. He will not touch wet food. Unless it is coming out of a syringe. It's like he doesn't think it's food unless there is something hard to bite onto (kibble or syringe end). When he eats he does really have to crunch the kibble but he doesn't seem to have a problem doing it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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