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Tonight's enrichment might look a little weird... yep, it's just Christina sleeping on my bed. But how is this enrichment? Well, when I take Christina out for bonding each night, it's never at the same time or spot (ie desk, bed, couch, etc), so even the slightest change of location can be stimulating to her, as it's a surprise each night. I just washed my sheets, so no doubt she can smell the ~color and scent free~ detergent and the fabric softener, engaging her sense of smell. It's a different 'substrate' than the fleece liners she lives with, so I'm sure she's happy feeling a difference. But ALSO, I have a weighted blanket on my bed, and while this isn't a discussion about the perceived benefits of weighted blankets, I do believe the weight provides a sense of comfort, and since hedgehogs just looove to nest somewhere dark and cozy, the blanket would provide the best of both worlds! And obviously, she would make the ultimate decision to leave if she wasn't comfortable!

I did give her a little foraging box for her diet tonight and a new pouch/hide as well, but that was just an 'I'm sorry' since I've been sick the last two days and haven't been able to hang out with mi princesa


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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