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Hey y’all! Here to share another enrichment idea for Christina. If you read my last post, it was an old tissue box with fleece strips and I sprinkled kibble treats in it. Well, tonight I thought I’d try something similar yet enough differences to warrant another post 😉 so, I went shopping... yeah what’s new... and got a new pair of shoes. Like almost every pair of shoes, they came in a cardboard box (w/o a lid booooo) so I immediately threw it in the enrichment pile. This time I added fleece strips again but mixed it up. I have larger size strips to accommodate the larger box, fleece and Uhaul strips, and different colors and textures of strips. The larger box itself is going to be enriching- she doesn’t get giant dig boxes like this often and there’s loads more room to move and dig around. Not to mention, the lip of the box is a bit higher up, so she’ll have to figure out how to get in there! The different textures of fleece, Uhaul, and some sewn together fleece will provide some stimulation for her to experience those differences. And, while there’s no evidence to support the idea of them seeing color or not seeing color, the different colors will stimulate her mind as they’ll be different shades no matter the color receptability (not gonna lie that might not be a word cause Siri can’t even fix it lol). BUUUT to make matters even better, I’m gonna put the last few frozen crickets I have in there, so bada bing bada boom- foraging! She’s gonna have to work for some of her diet and search for it which will no doubt be a blast for her when she finds them.

If you’re wondering why I was booing the fact that the box came lidless it’s because that lid would have made it even more challenging for her to find her way in, which is always great mind stimulation! And I chose crickets tonight cause last time, she was none the fondest of treat kibble so yeah gotta cater to the princess

Sorry to bore you all with more enrichment😂

Ps that’s christina hiding in the sack behind the box... she’s being extra mouthy tonight so in the sack she stays🙄


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