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Wilbur 🦔 Male African Pygmy Hedgehog 🐾 born Spring 2020 🌸 ESA 🌟
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Dear Wilbur,

Right now you are throwing a fit in my lap and honestly? I'm loving every moment of it. You have so much energy despite everything that has happened and what is about to happen.
About 3 weeks ago you started dragging your hind legs, although that didn't stop you from scooting as much as you could. The vet prescribed you some painkillers and lots of rest and I took out your wheel as well, although I think you liked that part as you got to explore some more of your pen. I refrained from cuddling with you during that time in case it hurt you but a part of me wishes I cuddled you all the time instead.
But last night you let me know that we're coming up on the last chapter. I was so scared when I found you covered in blood, having gnawed off the toe on your back right foot. I took you to the vet immediately, I was so scared you were in pain although I know the bleeding had long since stopped. The vet told me she had only worked with hedgehogs once before so I was hesitant when the first option she recommended was euthanasia but I now know that there's no end in which you are happy if I let this go on. They gave you a shot to ease the pain and the nurses said you let them all pet you, you're such a sweetheart. By a miracle, I was able to get an appointment for you to be seen today, in less than an hour, but it's not soon enough, the pain meds the doc gave you seem to have run out, and you lost another toe when I wasn't looking.

It's time.

Now you've just fallen asleep after throwing a fit at me for stopping the bleeding and for not giving you more distraction mealworms. You've had a big night, you deserve the rest and a lot more treats but don't worry you'll be getting them very soon.
We've been through so much together, I mean you moved across the country with me! I wish we had more time but not like this, not if it's going to hurt you. It's funny, all I can think about is how I wish I had some watermelon for you, it's your favorite treat by far, but I hope these mealworms suffice. That and how I love you, oh how I love you, my sweet angel, and I always always will.

Yours truly,


Edit: Wilbur had IVDD (Inverterbral Disc Disease). He was adorable and loving all the way till the end and he got lots of love and lots of treats.

Wilbur I will always love you.
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