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today I woke up and suddenly I am a hedgie mom... umm.. help

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Ok People know me as a sweet heart who can't turn down an animal in need of a home and today around lunch a hedgehog was dropped off to me.

It, (to shy to let me check if it's male of female yet) seemed to be on kibbles and bits, or a variant thereof.... So I immediately went out and bought hedgehog food. I compared cat and hedgehog food and found to many differences for me to be comfortable feeding something made for one species of animal to a completly different species.
Plus I feed my cats top quality (from a vet) cat food and so the protein and fat seem to be much to high for the hedgie. I am slowly switching him/her over with what little orignal food I have.


This hedgie lives in a large tupperware tote and has all it's life with newspaper as litter It has a bucket wheel that to me seems to small. and it's head spikes seem to have a oily dandruff on them

anyone want to give me a run down on a basic day or week with their hedgie

starting with when they wake up and go over to your hedige until you leave your hedgie to go to sleep?

how to hold....
cleaning the cage...
bedding to sleep in...

what's this huffing hiss I hear?
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don't buy a book on hedgehogs, most are filled with the wrong information. You're better off to just read the threads here, and ask questions like you are.

For food you want
protein - 30%
fat - 12 -15%
fiber - 9 %...I think.
You also want one with little or no corn...and meat or meat meal as the first ingrediant or two.
Insects : mealworms and crickets are good, fresh, freeze dried or canned.
fruits and veggies - most types, no grapes or avacodoes, no raisens or dried fruit. Hard veggies like carrots should be cooked first....all should be chopped up. No nuts.

They don't need dust baths...can be to dusty and cause respiratory problems. Just bath in a small amount of warm water...aveeno baby wash is good for their skin....dry well..and snuggle after to prevent a chill. You can also clip their nails while in the bath as they won't ball up in water.

Good luck with your new little baby :)
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