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My hedgie is 3.5 years old and over the last couple of weeks stopped eating, drinking water, and moving around as expected. Two nights ago I noticed she was looking off when I coaxed her into eating her favorite treat, fresh worms.
After a lot of work I was able to get her to a vet that found a lump, was unable to fully remove it, but was able it send it off for biopsy.

While being beside myself, I understand that oral cancers are common for hedgies, and my priority is ensuring quality of life. She has pain killers and anti-inflammatory meds which I hope will help, but I'm very worried that her disinterest in drinking water will make things worse. Normally she drinks from a cage hung bottle or from a hand served bottle while in her snuggle sack. I tried using a water dish and she was totally confused.

I want to make sure she remains comfortable but really don't know how to make sure she gets what she needs. Any advice welcome. Thank you much!
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