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time to eat

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pinchita wakes up at around 10:00pm and eats but then she goes back to sleep and then at 2:00am wakes up again to exercise on her wheel and stuff and stays awake till about 7:30am

my problem is that when she wakes up for a 2 time at 2 o clock she expects more food but i should b asleep...i try to give it 2 her anyway but sometimes i am fast asleep
i know shes not starvin b cuz she does not eat her poop or do any thing weird just run on her wheel :D
but how could i provide her food at that time as well

ps i also give her a few pieces of kibble in the morn. along w/ 2 mealies :D (she runs on her wheel a lot so she is not very fat
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If filling one dish is not adequate either get 2 dishes or get a bigger dish for her and then fill them both up if shes still eating all of that get more. Obviously depending on the size of dish. But they always need as much food as they can eat. They aren't like dogs that wolf down everything in site ;) they eat when they're hungry. If shes a baby she will eat alot more now than when shes older.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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