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time to eat

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pinchita wakes up at around 10:00pm and eats but then she goes back to sleep and then at 2:00am wakes up again to exercise on her wheel and stuff and stays awake till about 7:30am

my problem is that when she wakes up for a 2 time at 2 o clock she expects more food but i should b asleep...i try to give it 2 her anyway but sometimes i am fast asleep
i know shes not starvin b cuz she does not eat her poop or do any thing weird just run on her wheel :D
but how could i provide her food at that time as well

ps i also give her a few pieces of kibble in the morn. along w/ 2 mealies :D (she runs on her wheel a lot so she is not very fat
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She's supposed to have a full dish of her food available to her 24/7. Why are you only feeding her a little bit, at odd hours?
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