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Time for a change?

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Ok I've had Shelby a little over 2 weeks now I was told she was a year and a half old.
She looks perfectly healthy to me (doesn't look under weight or over weight)
But I think she need her food changed.
She is on Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula. That's what she was on when I got her.
The previous owner said that she Rescued her and that she was on Purina Cat Chow Outdoor or something like that when she got her and she "changed her so the Poo would smell better"
Anyway I don't think it's as nutritious as she needs so my question is. (BTW I've read the cat food list on here just a little confused on where to start)

What would be the best kind to try her on that is not real expensive and that is easy to find and that is healthy and taste's good (to her) to try to change her to first? Then I can add another one later.
And what's the best way to change her over with out upsetting her little tummy?

Also I can't get her to eat ANY kind of treat!
She has ate 2 meal worms since I've had her (previous owner said she loved them) I've tried baby foods and fruit's and she just wants kibble.
Any suggestions?
Sorry it's a long post, Just want my little girl healthy

Thanks!! :)
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sorry, but these foods arent cheap...lol if you are worries if she will eat them or not then i suggest going to petco to get the food. they have a return policy that allows you to return the unused portion within 30 days with reciept. Most of the foods on the list are $6-$10 for a 3# bag. You are right to try to get her off of the cat chow. just make sure to make the change very, very gradual and only introduce one new food at a time. that way if there is an adverse reaction then you know what is causing it. if you have any other questions you ca feel free to pm me.

As for treats, i would hold off on them until she is a little more adjusted to you.
protein 30%-33% fat 9%-15% meat as a first ingedient, no by product, no non human grade fillers (brewers rice, brewers yeast,etc) preferably has brown rice or oats as carbohydrate source, try to stay away from corn, corn gluten meal (some companies try to be clever and call corn by its native american name "maize") try to stay away from white rice.....we actually feed a couple of foods that are over the 15% thresh hold, but our girls are runners that have a hard time keeping weight on. with your girl not running well yet, you may want to stay closer to the lower end of the fat spectrum.
NONE of the Iams Healthy Naturals have 2 meats as the first ingredient...Chicken-BY-Product is not chicken...it is beaks, feathers, feet, guts and everything else that is not meat...even the bones....this is not healthy at all... and corn as a 3rd ingredient is horrible too. It is just a filler...The foods on the list cant be found at a discount store or grocery store, you either have to get them from a pet store or order them online.
look, we all just want what is best for hedgies. The foods that are on reapers list are there because they are all natural, no fillers, no by products, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. they are all human grade ingredients and give them the best chance at the longest life possible. You can also check farm supply stores, some of them carry chicken soup for the cat lovers soul and diamond.....
i would say maybe a piece or two....but i would lean more towards making it a treat. like 3 or 4 pieces every other day in a separate dish.
you should have been doing a very slow transition anyway so it would limit upset stomach....you may have a few days of soft stools since their little bellies can be resistant to change.
azyrios said:
Sorry for using three posts, but for some reason the forum won't let me edit anything, or use BBCode in my posts (If i do i get an error), so here it goes:


Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul
http://www.chickensoupforthepetloversso ... t_formula/

http://www.iams.com/iams/premium-pet-fo ... g-food.jsp

**edit (yay, bbcode worked this time!)
To avoid confusion the only CSCLS with Sodium Bisulfate in it is the Adult Cat formula, And the Adult Cat Light formula...The Senior Cat Hairball Control seems fine.
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