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Thunderstorm Fear

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We had a pretty nasty storm here here just a few minutes ago. A tornado warning siren was sounding, and I was preparing to hid in my closet with my dogs and Indy (my little hedgie!) When i got her out of her house I noticed she was shaking, (the dogs were no where near her yet). I am not sure if it was because of the thunderstorm or the siren. It didn't take her long to settle down once I was holding her in her blanky, but am wondering if anyone else has heard of a hedgehog that is afraid of thunderstorms. I hope we don't have a bad season if she is.
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What I do for thunderstorms and the 4th of July ( and usually days before and after) is keep the radio on all night. That way they can't hear all the noise.

This is very important for new moms with babies.
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