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thoughts / opinions on this

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iv had this youtube vid posted onto my forum and wanted to know what you lot think,

please note this is not my vid

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Im no expert, but I was slightly concerned when I saw this (not to mention the women in the background are completely annoying). But, I would be afraid that he would drown. It looked like the water was pretty deep for him. My understanding is to keep the water level about 1-2 inches deep depending on how big your hedgehog is. They were on the right track with the island in the middle in case "Shming" got tired, he had somewhere to rest. The hedgehog looked a bit overweight too. At the same time, he looked pretty distressed in the beginning, but once he flips over onto his back he seems calm. But that's just my take. Some others might have different perspectives.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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