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Thirsty hedgehog

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Hello hedgehog families, so usually my hedgehog drinks her water bottle in a few day but lately she’s been drinking an entire bottle of water in a day or two. I’m a bit worried about her. Any ideas ?
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No, it’s actually been a bit chilly lately but she has her personal hearing mat to keep her in good temperature. And no change in diet or exercises.
When there are sudden changes in behavior and you cannot determine the root cause are a good time to seek a veterinary opinion.

I'm assuming you have checked her bedding and her bottle isn't just leaking. Are you actually seeing her drink more frequently?
She’s actually feeling a lot better all back to normal. Was given antibiotics and a few chopped cranberry’s to munch on
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My hedgie is extremely picky with her food but weirdly I feel like she knew that it would make her feel better so she ate them now when I try to give it to her she kinda hesitant but realizes it helps
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