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Hey all,
I would love some advice and opinions on my little girl, Selah- she's one years old as of 3 days ago.
She was quilling when I got her in October, so her hissing behavior was to be expected. Well, to this day she still pops and hisses at me all balled up for 5-15 mins depending on the day. At first I thought it was just the quilling, but when that didn't let up I thought that perhaps I was doing something she wasn't fond of. She also started biting me at that time, it lasted about a month but I worked with her and she hasn't bit me in over 6 months. For the last couple months I've come to conclude that I think her skin is sensitive and hurting. I've noticed when she's balled up there are certain patches of her quills that seem more comfortable for her to be on than others.

She LOVES bath time. She will pop and hiss and do her whole hissy dance and then I will put her in the warm water and she is instantly like a different hedgehog. Water seems to be her prozac. She is sweet, I can gently pet her face, she lets me touch her almost anywhere, I can clip her nails no problem, and the cutest thing- she falls asleep all balled up in the water. It is seriously like night and day. The only time she will hiss a little bit is when I use the toothbrush lightly on certain patches of her quills. She does have very bad dry flaky skin. No mites though, I've kept a close eye on that. At the end of bath time I use a little olive oil with water as a rinse and her skin is better for a few days. These few days she is slightly less huffy, so it'll take her 5 mins to come uncurled instead of the 15 mins it sometimes is. She is a pretty tense and sometimes skittish hedgehog it seems, but despite her hissy ways I still think she's sweet. I know numerous baths close together can make dry skin worse, but aside from giving her a bath 1-2/week I haven't been able to come up with a way to help her. I haven't done baths that often yet because I don't want to make her dry skin worse... Is there something I can do for her that would maybe make her a little happier and more comfortable? I feel bad for her. I really think there is a full time happy, sweet hedgie in there buried, I'd like to help her come out.

I am an experienced hedgehog owner. I have two girls right now, Selah and Pyrrha- I've had hedgehogs the last 3-4 years now. All my other hedgies have been super sweet and social, so I'm thinking I'm doing things mostly right. But maybe my little Selah has a specific need that I'm not picking up on.
The one thing that is different about Selah is she is the only hedgehog I haven't rescued. All my other hedgies have been a little older when I got them- 10mons and 2 years old. My other hedgehogs were sweet when I got them and became much more social the longer I had them. Maybe I missed doing or giving Selah something when she was young?

Any tips, advice, opinions anyone would care to share I would be most grateful!

I attached a pic of her falling asleep in the bath :)


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