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Just wanted to say hi. I am new to owning Hedgehogs and have fallen in love. I currently have Riley, a brown hedgehog of unknown age and Whyte Darkness, an albino hedgehog about three months old.

Riley is an absolute sweetheart, he has no ears as they were chewed off at some point in his life. He has a small bald/damaged spot from a battle with mites at some point as well. He is very social! I can cuddle him, carry him around the house, or just lay with him next to me on the sofa and he falls asleep either on me or tucked up against me. So sweet.

Whyte is his polar-opposite apparently and I am very thankful for this website and all the discussions about personalities with hedgehogs. Having had Riley first, I thought my next hedgehog would be sociable as well, boy was I wrong! It has been a week or so and he is just now unrolling from a ball in less than 3 minutes. (Riley does not ball up, you can scoop him right up any time) He hisses and rolls up at every noise, sudden movement, anything at all.

This site has helped me so much, glad I found all of you!
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