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I''ve had Edmund for 3 months now, and I'm getting a little frustrated when it comes to taming him. There seems to have been a distinct lack of progress over the past 2 months. I have been following advice I've read on this forum and other hedgehog related websites. I take him out of his cage every night and play with him on my lap, I put him on a towel that smells like his cage, and then I put a another small cloth over him that also smells familiar, as per a suggestion on these forums. I feed him treats like melon or worms when he's on my lap, and I keep the lighting dim. As soon as I got him I started putting in an old shirt so he got used to my scent, and now I always let him smell my hands before I pick him up. After a few nights of playing with him, I also will give him a night off from time to time.

Despite everything and the time that's passed, he hasn't gotten any friendlier. Quilling has come and gone, and if anything he only got worse after he was done quilling. I used to be able to pick him up by hand, now he always huffs and puts his quills up so I have to use a cloth. After he's been on my lap for awhile, he isn't so resistant to being held, but when I pick him up he mostly just tries to escape. He huffs at pretty much everything I do these days, more than he did even two months ago. He used to nap on my lap if he was under the cloth, though he'd never sleep exposed, but he hasn't even done that recently.

So I was wondering how long it's taken other people to tame their hedgehogs, and if there's anything else I'm missing? I just don't know what else to do, it seems like he is just getting less tame at this point.
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