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Talk about poop I need a hand HELP

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Hey everyone
Emma is about 8 months old and the last month her poop will flop back and forth between green and sticky to green and hard to light green (yellow) thats almost like liquid. We put her on cat food that was recomended by the breader but nothings changing there is no vet anywhere close to me that can help ! Is there anything that i can try with her

She also trys and trys to poop but it comes out slow usally.

Umm she drinks a ton of water but shes not as active
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Re: Talk about poop I need a hand HELp

Immortalia said:
What brand of food do you have her on right now? How long have you had her on the food? If there was a switch(sorry, couldn't tell with your post), did you switch the food slowly?

You can try giving her some canned unseasoned pumpkin. Mine usually eats about a teaspoon, and he likes it warm, and a bit drier. Also, to keep the pumpkin from spoiling, I scooped them into ice cubes and froze them, so I have pumpkin available at all times, and defrost as needed.

Also, if she's having a tough time pooping, putting her into a shallow tub of warm water(test with your wrist first!). The warm water usually stimulates them to poop, mine always poops during bath time.

A vet would be best, since this has been going on for a month. Where abouts are you located? Perhaps someone who lives near you can give you a list of vets that might be available.
She still wont poop in the water and wont eat the pumpkin tryed so manny times and yea the food was switched slow but the vet is not a option we have one in town but wont deal with her. =( we have tex and hes 1 year old hes on everything shes on but shes just not well.
I am going to try heating the pumpkin though! thank you
Re: Talk about poop I need a hand HELp

Is there any cure for green poop
zoologist said:
personally i'd be worried about her drinking a lot of water. How much do you consider a lot? Cloud drinks about a cup of water every evening, and pees a lot too. This is because he has kidney disease. if your hedgehog is drinking this much nightly it may be cause for concern.
Well her dish is about a 1 cup so usally she drinks about half sometimes more
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