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Talk about poop I need a hand HELP

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Hey everyone
Emma is about 8 months old and the last month her poop will flop back and forth between green and sticky to green and hard to light green (yellow) thats almost like liquid. We put her on cat food that was recomended by the breader but nothings changing there is no vet anywhere close to me that can help ! Is there anything that i can try with her

She also trys and trys to poop but it comes out slow usally.

Umm she drinks a ton of water but shes not as active
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personally i'd be worried about her drinking a lot of water. How much do you consider a lot? Cloud drinks about a cup of water every evening, and pees a lot too. This is because he has kidney disease. if your hedgehog is drinking this much nightly it may be cause for concern.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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