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Hello everyone!

The name's Jude. My little gentleman is named Rorschach and he's two months ten days old. He just had his first vet appoitment, and he turned out to be in perfect healt, 194 g. of pure power and a mama's boy (he bite the doctor and then hide behind my hands o.o... Internally, I was happy because he's showing me a lot of trust, but in the outside I was laughing nervously)

Now, my question is: Is he old enough to go to the park? My friends and I are going to a really beautiful park here in the city: El Alameda Norte. I used to go there all the time when I was little, but with the years and the real world around, one just don't have the time anymore.

The point is, I was wondering if it would be safe for him to meet Mr. Grass and Mrs. Earth, or is he too small? I'm not worried about dogs, because none of my friends have one and the park doesn't allow them. I'm worried about sun, the fact that he's going to wake up much more (MUCH MORE) earlier than normal and if he's old enough to take the stress of a day in the park and a ride in our *beautiful* (as in anything but) public transportation (wanna know how we call them around here? "Peceras", that's spanish for "Fish tanks".)

Should I wait? What do you think?
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