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syringe medication :( & Peanut butter solution!

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Well I tell you I felt pretty smart this morning. Sylvie is on some medication (enfo.... the label has gotten wet & I can't read the rest) whick is 0.1 mL every 12 hrs. The smell reminds me of children's banana medicine, that liquid stuff parents use to keep in the fridge. So I figured Sylvie would love it - NOPE. While she will annoint once I get it in her mouth, the whole opening up to take it has been a challenge.

So this morning I could see her sleeping so peacefully in her hut & really didn't want to disturb her by lifting it & messing up her bed & giving her this horrible medication. & this is where the peanut butter came in!

I suddenly remembered she's CRAZY for peanut butter (Smooth, light). If I'm sitting near her cage eating some she'll wake up no matter the day & come out sniffing the air.

So I put a teeny tiny bit of peanut butter on the end of the syringe & left the open jar near her cage. Sure enough her little head unrolls from the sleeping ball & begins sniffing & moving towards the syringe. One lick to make sure it's yummy & then she opens her mouth to try to eat it & i get to give her all her medication without having to disturb her from bed.

Ah! It's a nice way to start the day so thought I would share for those of you having trouble with syringes.
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