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Switching foods/how much food intake is normal?

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Every morning when I wake up I make sure to refresh Annabelle's food and water. I know she drinks well because I always hear her at her water bottle during the night, but I'm sort of worried about her food intake. She is currently on the mix I received from the breeder, which contains a blend of about six different Purina varieties, a Wellness brand food, and a Blue Buffalo brand food. The problem is that she doesn't seem to be eating very much of it - I would say maybe 10-20 kibbles a night? I'm sure that every hedgehog is different, but I'm just wondering if this is within the normal range of food consumption. I took her to the vet for a check-up last Thursday and she weighed in at about 280g.

Also, I am interested in changing her food. Her breeder feeds Purina due to concerns about fatty liver disease, but my experience with owning dogs and cats has taught me that Purina is junk, and I am hesitant to continue feeding it to her. My problem is making the actual switch over. I know to do it gradually, but I'm worried that if she's possibly a picky eater, and rejects the bag of expensive food I bought then I'm screwed, which sucks when you're a college student on a rather tight budget.

Ugh, I'm so confused right now! Any help/guidance would be appreciated. I just wanna do the right thing for little Annabelle - I try to keep my body fueled with the best possible foods, so it makes no sense to give my pet food with junky fillers.
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Shelbys Mom said:
If you buy her food from Pet Smart or Petco (some others may do the same I'm not sure) if she doesn't like it you can take it back (with receipt) even if it's opened. I think you have like 30 day's to return it.
Most brands of cat food also have like 3lb bags that are only about $10-$15 or they have sample bags that the stores give away for free. Because hedgehogs eat so little compared to other pets the sample bag could last your hedgehog a week or more. That would enable you to see if your hedgehog will eat it before you actually buy the bag.

I don't count kibble anymore I mass it instead because it is easier and more accurate. Quigley usually eats about 10 grams per night but lately has (last few weeks) has only been eating about 5-7 grams on average. 10 grams are about 20 of his kibbles and 5 is about 10. For the first month we had him he only ate about 3-5 kibbles a night. But every so often he will eat 30 or even 50 kibbles and then go back down the next night.
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