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Hi everyone.

Henry was taken to the vets yesterday after having a small amount of diarrhea and a runny nose. He's been a lot less active recently but eating and drinking fine, and no sneezing.

The vet said that his recent quill loss (which has now slowed down alot) can often be brought on by stress and that now he maybe had a small URI which could in turn cause a small tummy upset, though its not that common. He was then given an antibiotic injection (don't know which one) and he's going back for a check up within 3 days.

Does this sound about right? The vets Henry see's are very good with him but are more experienced with European wild hedgies. I was just wondering if this sounds about right? I've read on here that URI is normally accompanied by loss of appetite & sneezing. Also is there anything else i can do to help him?

Oh sorry, one final question. Can hedgies experience delayed stress? I had an incident that could of caused him stress but he didn't show any symptoms of it until about 2-4 weeks later?
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