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Would you in my situation go with surgery?

  • Definitely yes

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  • Definitely no

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  • I am not sure as I was never in such situation

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  • I was never in such situation but I think you should do it

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  • I was never in such situation but I think you shouldn't risk it

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  • I would put her down

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Hello my fellow hedgie parents,

Pipka is getting worse and worse each day, she keeps having quite a bit of appetite, but now there is not only blood in her urine (I noticed on December 23) but I found blood stains in her sleeping bag, wheel, and her fleece blanket I use instead of aspen shavings. The blood is coming from her urethra.

I am positive that grey area near her uterus is a big tumour. I have read many stories when the hedgie lost way too much blood to survive the surgery and she has been bleeding for quite a while.

Another issue is that I do not know any hedgie vets that specialize and did surgery in hedgehogs before, I contacted everyone in Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby. The vet I am seeing now is also a surgeon and he does not have the experience with hedgies. I called him 3 days ago about Pipka being in poor state and he is not very pro surgery.

I am not sure what to do. How many of you please do have an experience with hedgies with tumours that survived the surgery. If I have to loose her, I want to be there with her, holding her. Please if you know any good surgeon or vet in Vancouver, British Columbia or even cities that are close-by, please let me know. Thank you very much.


PS: The pictures are taken after we visited the vet last Thursday, she was very stressed out and weak and did not sleep during the day that day.

PS2: I also attached the picture of the blood stains.


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