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I just went through all of this so this is the list of things that we got from the breeder and the list of things we panicked because we didn't have. I also put in where I made mistakes and had to google how to fix it. I am a novice so if anyone has corrections please feel free!

1. Cage (we are using a plastic storage bin)
2. Water bottle (Because hedgies are divas, ours did not like the amount of chlorine in our town's water. I couldn't get her to drink until I gave her bottled, and we were able to use our Brita filter and she is happy about that)
3. Food that they were fed at breeder
4. Benebac (the breeder gave it to us and I would say this is a nice to have. I have used it a lot in veterinary practice- its a probiotic powder that can help regulate their GI issues particularly during stress. Just sprinkle a very small amount on top of their food)
5. Whatever bedding you will use (Even if you aren't using fleece liners get a fleece blanket. Make sure to cut off any strings that might be on it (like if there is border on it) They are great for pretty much everything involving hedgies)
6. Igloo/hide place
7. Heat source (On those lines I would also pick up some of those heated hand packs. They will be in the sporting section of any Walmart/Target/Kmart. A friend of mine lost her power 2 days after her bringing her hedgie home and lost heat, so they are just good things to have around)
8. Wheel!!!
9. Mealworms
10. Tweezers for mealworms
11. Appropriate soap for baths
12. Baby nail clippers (do not bother with the special made for exotics ones. They are hard to use in my opinion)
13. Thermometer for the cage. It will save you a ton of guess work
14. If you want to litter box train them supplies for that. Get non clumping cat litter (it will look like pellets not sand)
15. Something to clean the cage with. I bought small pet care spray and wipes from Amazon because I was really worried about toxins
16. Most importantly get baby wipes (poop happens) and plain hand sanitizer ( My hedgie bit me because she liked the aloe scent of one)
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